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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  July 16, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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the i faithful are on edge this morning. hours a way friday apple's latest iphone. the word you definitely won't hear from the silicon valley giant. one of the biggest commutes. we investigate what caltrain is doing about the new safety concerns on the bay bridge. good friday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a sneak peek from meteorologist this morning with a hot
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forecast. >> new subliminal message. a little different this morning. the sea breeze is running a little bit stronger into fairfield. i don't think it's going to stop us from getting another hot day inland. you can see the numbers again climbing into the mid to upper 90s. also morgan hill in los galos looking toasty today. the weekend will also start off fairly hot inland, then we cool off as the sea breeze picks up sunday into monday. back to you. >> thank you. meantime, checking with in mike. several things besides construction, even got a car fire this morning. >> reports of a car fire and i'm watching the report of a brush fire, too. opposite sides of the water here. westbound 580 heading over the 280 interchange. reports of an earlier accident. and then also there was a car fire. fire crews are on scene. ambulance has been called there. there may be a lot of activity and distractions for you. announcing on southbound 280 passing that area, though, should be unrelated. i'll let you know whether or not these clear up.
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also on the other side of southbound 880 portion around mallory avenue. no confirmation yet. if it is there, anything to distract you, i'll let you know about that as well. back to you. just hours away from apple's big announcement. giving clues about the mysterious news conference. apple will not announce a recall but they're not debunking rumors. apple knew about antenna problems before the 4g's release. nbc bay area's george kiriyama has a preview. >> reporter: good morning. what will apple say about the news conference while they've been predicting what apple is likely to say most expect a to come out swinging in defense to buy phone four. one thing iphone 4 users will be watching is if apple will acknowledge there is a problem with the phone's antenna. some tech analysts don't think so. >> i think they're going to start off and defend the design. they've got very smart people there, very smart engineers.
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let's make a phone that just doesn't work. so there was a reason that i believe that they did this. i think they're going to defend the logic and engineering that went into that. >> reporter: expect to hear a lot about the bumper case like this one. when you use the bumper with iphone 4 it will stick with the antenna issue. >> they will say, hey, you can get one of these cases that you need or give you a credit of your choice. >> reporter: you may hear something about a special coating that will be placed around the metal band of the phone which, in theory, will resolve the death grip issue. >> if that's which we're hearing, too, it's a better insulation. the hand acts as a plug for the antenna as opposed to be a signal booster. >> reporter: one word you might not lear tomorrow is the word recall. >> again. when you hear recall in the past they are a safety issue. that level of p this, is again, not a safety issue. the phones drop calls. >> reporter: with the world watching, expect a to plug the iphone is selling well.
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>> they'll come out and steve will probably lead it with, hey, this is the best-selling iphone of all time. we sold record numbers and probably tell us that they sold upwards of 2, 2 1/2 million tomorrow, something like that. >> reporter: this news conference is at 10:00 this morning. on the upper campus in cupertino, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. more problem with the pieces of the bay bridge at caltrans thought they had fixed several months ago. caltrans fixed a crack last fall after the accident sent steel hurling on to the upper deck. live look at the bay bridge this morning, we do not have the live pictures for you. so-called i bars on the eastern span are still under a lot of stress. apparently they are showing it. as nbc bay area's jean tells us, the cracks in the i bars and they can lead to cracks. >> reporter: a crack in an i bar on the eastern span of the bay bridge is discovered in
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september of last year. emergency repairs are made on the can't lever section and the bridge is reopened. but the fix failed in october, sending thousands of pounds of steel into traffic on the upper deck. drivers still worry about it. >> tired of thinking, the thing isle le falling apart p. so you think about it. >> reporter: caltrans along with an independent engineering firl say vibration from wind and vehicles cause the failure. >> the fatigue failure that is really caused by a flaw in the original fabrication that was excited over the years by wind movement. >> reporter: caltrans now inspects the i bars every three months, looking for more sign of fatig fatigue. and crews are finding it. >> it's a nick in the steel. >> reporter: nicks that can lead to another crack. >> you could see a small indication in several of the i-bars. indication itself is not a crack. but it is an opportunity like a small crack in your windshield
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to eventually grow and propagate into a crack. >> reporter: cal tran is grinding the nicks away. they say that limb nates the tanker. but what about that wind stress? the bay area toll authority has decided to spend one million dollars to have ty lynn engineering to help design the i-bars. >> they counter act whatever wind movement might allow these long slender diagonals to move. >> reporter: engineers will design a device that will quickly repair a cracked i-bar, just in case. two alleged killers caught on camera. the police want you to take a good look at the two men, suspected in adeadly shooting in november. the men were driving a black suv caught in a mall surveillance video. take a look at the picture. investigators say it had extremely dark tinted windows
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and crehrome rims. students say parents in the lowest performing schools in the state could soon have a better option. california's board of education could approve emergency regulations for 1,000 public schools. they say students in the school are at risk of, quote, serious harm if they stay where they are. the regulation passed thursday. it allows the board to speed up legislation that allows students to transfer to so-called better schools. we have an update to that massive school fire that we brought to you first here on nbc bay area news. the fire that ripped through trace elementary school july 5th was set intentionally. investigators looking for who did it and why. a portion of the school was saved but class m radios will be used during the school year, portable. classes are set to begin august 16th. it's an act of god that had firefighters busy in southern california. battling more than a dozen brush fires. this wildfire is burning in riverside county. lightning started the fire and likely all the others burning
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right now. to make matters worse, gusty winds are fanning the flames. no one has been hurt so far, thankfully. but at least one home was destroyed in a wildfire. in the meantime, we want to check in with mike and your morning commute. he's watching a brush fire that could affect things. >> that's right. in fremont, updated location now. northbound side of 880 at stevenson boulevard. the opposite side of the freeway, the last time i told you. that vicinity was still watching for any lanes to be closed. right now we hear there are a couple of reports of that and avoid confirmation. it doesn't sound like it's a huge issue. we don't see any slowing there. 680 to the right, slowing coming out of the grade. look at this light volume of traffic. we'll let you know but it sounds like a construction vehicles or perhaps the construction itself. and 880 further north we're looking at a light volume of traffic coming past the coliseum. no as in town so no game time traffic. light for the nimitz freeway
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heavy for a lot of other people. back to you guys. >> no kidding. exactly. thick around there. thank you. meantime, it is friday, the weekend is here. people want to know about the forecast. and it looks like it's still going to be a little hot, rob. >> we had a sneak preview of the weekend forecast yesterday. with you saw the temperatures climbing into the 90s inland. this morning starting to see a little bit of a change in fairfield. the sea breeze is picking up more than 24 hours ago. the fog across the golden gate bridge. 59 degrees. sea breeze will be around all day long keeping san francisco fairly comfortable and good air quality for your friday afternoon plans. you just heard the story about fire danger in southern california. tracking the moisture drifting out of the desert southwest. you can see lightning there and yosemite this morning. some may drift closer to the bay area this afternoon. i think we'll certainly see thunder showers around the sierra. areas south of santa cruz may have to watch the koesal range later today. coastal fog and low clouds, the story of the morning. inland highs again. mid to upper 90s in the hottest places inland. the weekend will start off hot
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inland but a stronger sea breeze will cool us off as we ramp up the weekend and head towards monday. back to you. time is 4:39. feeling blurry eyed this morning? we have tip on avoiding the strain that gadgets could be causing your eyes. live look at the oil spill in the gulf. notice anything different? we have the latest on the cap that bp says is working. and looters unmass, oakland police give you a chance to take a look at the people behind the destruction after the mehserle trial verdict. live look outside this morning. going to be another warm one on tap today. how warm and where? we're going to stay tuned with rob this morning. live look out side from the south bay.
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do i look like someone who's at risk for heart disease? well guess what, i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. eighty percent.
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you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease. help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at for the first time in 88 days there is no oil flowing into the gulf this morning. check it out for yourself. live pictures again of the new containment cap that bp is testing. look at that! remember those huge plumes of black oily stuff coming up? don't see it anymore. it has stopped the flow for now. kris den dahlgren takes a look at what's ahead now if the new tests work. >> reporter: it is a sight so many had waited for, a stop to the geyser of oil that has been shooting into the gulf for almost three months. >> i am incredibly ecstatic about it. >> reporter: it was yesterday afternoon when engineers shut down the new capping system, closing off the flow.
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but those are pictures appear to show a cap that is holding back the crude, bp was quick to warn it is still just a test and may still be temporary. >> but i have to -- i have to stress we have to manage our expectations because depending on what the results are depends on what could happen next. it's possible if the pressures are low that we'll have to reinitiate the flow. >> reporter: engineers will monitor the pressures for up to 48 hours watching to see how well the well holds. >> i think it's important to see whether or not the well has leaks for not. they can watch while they're doing the kill operation itself. >> reporter: the kill operation the relief wells remain the ultimate solution for permanently closing off the well. and with so much oil already in the gulf, an end to the flow is by no means an end to the fight. >> i think the bat is still out there, you know, the beast is still out there. it's already gotten into the water. >> reporter: into the water and
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everything else here. >> now we can stop, you know, stop, we can start the healing process. >> reporter: a process that is just beginning. even if the new cap really can end the leak. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, venice larks la. here's a side-by-side comparison of the oil leak before and after. look at that. you remember the pictures on the left there. but now on the right looking much better. the images are dramatic. the real test will be in the next few hours. we're keeping an eye on the situation. of course, we will update you have another report. you now have a chance to respond to looters who tore three the streets following the mehserle verdict. they report police are unmassing the looters and people have very strong feelings about the vandal's actions. >> they're going to do what they want to do. >> can you help police identify any of these people in these photos on the oakland police website? there are 15 in all. take a good look.
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we learned good samaritans bravely snapped some of these photos and sent them into police so looters and vandals could get caught. >> i'm very glad of these photos and i'm glad they're offering a reward. >> reporter: how about this guy leaving foot lockers of boxes of what looks like stolen goods or this guy smiling as he runs with what looks like a handful of toiletries. wait for a bus in front of the boarded up foot locker where the looting took place. oakland's gisele overland tells us she's still angry. >> i think the looters are actually smiling just shows so much about why they were even looting, like it was just an excuse to, you know, make trouble and do whatever they want. >> they appear to be enjoying themselves. that was -- that was really sad. >> reporter: we showed this oakland couple a man with expensive high tops. >> i feel remorse. they're taking from the neighborhood, they're taking from people, they're stealing from our neighborhood.
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>> reporter: we took more locals over to our life shot to show them the photos close up to get their reactions. >> being an oakland resident and finding out that 80% of the individuals arrested that evening weren't even from the area, you know, it's kind of -- it's kind of painful, actually. >> if this guy, number five, what is he doing? >> i mean, obviously he's smiling. but what's unfortunate about it is, you know, this was about oscar grant. >> i think it's a shame. you know, you come into somebody else's neighborhood. how would you like it if someone came to your neighborhood and took what you had. that's not right. >> you can take a look at the looters yourself. the pictures of looting are posted right now on the kinds of crimes may not be investigated soon due to the loss of 80 police officers. august 2nd is the day when there there l. not be enough officers to respond to certain crimes, home burglaries, identity theft,
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violations of restraining order, runaways, they're all the types of crimes that will not bring a police officer to the scene. victims will have to report them online instead through a program called cop logic. in fact, a lot of people are already reported things like theft, vandalism and car burglaries online. 4:38. the president's financial reform bill is now through the senate. meaning, you'll soon see some changes at the bank. courtney reagan is live at cnbc's headquarters with more on that and how the market is reacting to the news. good morning, courtney. >> good morning to you. the financial landscape on wall street has been altered. congress is putting the final touch on a landmark regulatory reform bill. the senate voted to pass the reform bill on thursday, which means president obama will sign it into law next week. it does create a consumer protection agency for investment products like mortgages and helps with transparency with consumers being able to understand the terms and conditions a little bit easier for various consumer products. the measure also though
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regulates complex investments known as derivatives and banks from certain risky trading practices, all in an ef fort to avoid what we went through a couple of years ago. as we wrap up the trading week. stocks ended pretty flat thursday. though did rally into the close. settling its fraud case with the s.e.c. asian markets fell overnight. europe is higher this morning. we'll still get data on consumer prices and consumer sentiment ahead this morning. we also have gotten some good earnings today, namely from the likes of ge which is a parent company of nbc universal. reporting good earnings coming in -- above expectations. however, revenues did fall a bit short. the dow snapped a week long streak on thursday, down seven points to 10,359. nasdaq is off nearly a point to 2249. so that's where trading starts us off today. back to you, laura. >> thanks, courtney. larry ellison may be the first to remind you today to dot
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your is and cross your ts and never let the so-called shot clock to run out. the oracle founder may have lost his bid to own the golden state warriors buzz of a clerical error. despite months op speculation a group led by venture capitalist joe lacob may be the new owner of the warriors. they made $450 million. but ellison reportedly bid even higher yet he did not get the deal. according to the firm handling the sale the paperwork was, quote, not filed in time. ellison was not happy about coming in second and in the statement, he says chris cohen decided to sell to somebody else. and in my experience, this is a bit unusual. none the less, i wish the warriors and their fans nothing but success. >> got to be a little tough for a businessman there. >> especially when you think, hey, i offered the most and yet i didn't get the deal. so there you go. >> it's all in the details. 4:50 right now. talking about numbers. what about the numbers? we're going to see triple digits. >> yeah. they were nba basketball scores
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around the bay area. some 90s showing up, even around 100 near livermore today. round two of hot temperatures inland. we're seeing a few changes out there. 63 right now in san jose taking you over to oakland, 61. west wind at 5. san francisco seeing a bit of a stronger sea breeze this morning. 59 degrees obviously fog around the golden gate bridge. northwest wind at 13. we'll talk about this sea breeze affecting our forecast for the giants game coming up tonight. catch all the action here on nbc bay area, cooler with the game time 7:35. we'll be seeing low 60s. maybe light jacket weather. overall, pretty nice for that game. air quality looks fine around the bay area. that hasn't changed. what has changed is all the active weather we saw yesterday in southern california. we've been talking about this for the last couple of days. moisture coming out of the desert southwest. sure enough, it is creeping closer to the sierra. thunder showers yesterday. as this upper level low spins off the coast, the moisture drifting up through southern california. that's something we have to watch on the coastal range.
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i think south of santa cruz today you may see clouds building up through the afternoon and it could lead to thunder which we don't want. elevate fire danger around here. especially out towards the sierra. sunday and monday, sea breeze picks up. cooling through the second half of the weekend. push that mid-level moisture off to the east. fire danger throttles back both here and the sierra as we go into sunday and monday. high country, look out for the thunder showers today. it's kind of hot. southlake tahoe seeing temperatures in the upper 80s. near 90 around san jose. san francisco and oakland, no sign of peace there with 60s and 70s. 90s around hillsburg. we'll start the weekend off on a hot note inland. cool off as sea breeze turns stronger to finish off the weekend. back to you. >> got to be careful with all the heat out there. already very dry. a threat to some brush fires. >> fire danger out there. might seeing some of that already. >> that's right. we're following the brush fire reported very carefully.
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latest update comes from our friend at the fremont fire department who were on scene northbound 880 just off the freeway. they report traffic moving smoothly past the scene. no lanes were blocked. small fire. again, watching because rob has been telling us fire dangers throughout. so we'll watch but this should not be an issue. i'll let you know if it does develop into anything. thankfully, things sound like they're shutting down. accident here blocking one of your slow lanes causing slowdown 880. right around the transition toward 92 and the construction zone where you see bright lights. still going on for another 10 to 15 minutes there. slowdown as more folks hid that but once you get there it will be an easy drive. southbound 880 a little further north, southbound at embarcad o embarcadero. one of your lanes, lane number two, second lane from the middle. stay over to your right as you're passing out of downtown. we do see that slowdown. i didn't expect to see that much
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from a disabled vehicle. track that to let you know if there's any other issues. the bay bridge, that commute is looking nice. now the east shore freeway off the carquinez bridge, 18 minutes. as you see a light volume of traffic. there's a little glow to the light and you can't see that upper deck. there are low clouds and fog hanging out in the area. i'll let you know of reports of any problems for drivers though, back to you. >> thank you. it's 4:54 right now. mobile devices are making life easier when it comes to getting info on the go. there could be a downside. you might call it gadget eye strain. nbc bay area's scott budman shows you how it could lead to big problems for your eyes. >> reporter: i phones, a blackberry, ipad. >> pretty small type. >> every 40 seconds. >> reporter: mobile devices in all shapes, colors, and teeny tiny sizes. >> e-mails, texting, messaging,
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internet, everything that i can. >> oh, i think i have a little addiction to it. >> reporter: which may be convenient, but at what cost? >> i have patients every day that come into my office complain that they can't see their blackberry or their iphone or that they get a headache using it. >> reporter: opt tom mist david redman says he's seen a steady increase in patients with eye problems from using mobile devices. >> we see the handheld devices bringing computer vision syndrome to a new level. >> reporter: computer vision syndrome affect about 70% of computer users and can cause headaches, loss of focus, blurred vision, and burning eyes. redman says mobile devices can make the problem even worse because the screen is so small. this avid iphone user just had his eyes dilated after complaining of vision problems. >> i'm just constantly reading and it's such a strain on my eyes i feel like i'm going blind. >> reporter: not really but doctors say you should take breaks and remember to blink when using your mobile devices. >> blank more, take breaks.
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>> reporter: if only there was an app for that. scott budman, nbc bay area news. half a billion people served. tech crunch is report that facebook is set to announce its 500 millionth user. social networking is such a big teal that a new movie is set to come outen the big screen. it is called the "social network." and the first full trailer has just been released. >> if you want to go on the internet and check out their friends, go to a website who offers friends' pictures, and profiles. ta talking about taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online. >> 22,000. >> this idea is potentially worth millions of dollars. >> millions. >> stole our website. >> they say we stole the facebook. >> i know. >> did we? >> yeah, the film is battle website, theoretically facebook. it's based on the book "the accidental billionaires" by ben mesrich. it's set to be released in october. it certainly has been a
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phenomenon. >> you think about all the different things throughout the course of history that has changed people's lives and it's one. >> amazing. sounds like a good sound track on that one, too. >> right. just ahead, we are taking you live to apple's headquarters. scott mcgrew has insider tips on how apple is biting back at critics.
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it is round two of the war of the smart phone. in just hours apple will try to


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